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Changshu Fengfan Electric Power Equipment Co., Ltd. (Fengfan Co., Ltd.), founded in 1993, is a professional company specializing in the production of angle steel tower, steel pipe composite tower, all kinds of pipes, transformer substation structure support, 220kv and below steel pipe pole and all kinds of steel structure parts for EHV transmission lines. The company is located in Changshu City, Jiangsu Province, the center of Yangtze River Delta economic circle, China's core economic zone, with a total area of about 458000 square meters. It has more than 1000 sets of production equipment, including advanced CNC profile steel joint production line, CNC angle steel drilling production line, CNC angle steel high-speed drilling production line, JCOE straight seam welded pipe production line and hot dip galvanizing production line, with an annual output of 400000 Tons. The company was listed on the main board of Shanghai in 2011 with the stock code of 601700.
The company has passed ISO9001 quality assurance system certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification and BS- OHSAS occupational health management system certification, CWB Canada welding certification, en1090-1 building steel structure CE certification, en1090-2 building steel structure CE certification, ISO3834 international welding system certification, and obtained the "national contract abiding and trustworthy enterprise", "Jiangsu high tech enterprise", "Jiangsu private science and technology enterprise", "Jiangsu Science and technology small and medium-sized enterprise", "Jiangsu civilization enterprise" Unit "," Suzhou advanced grassroots party organization "," Suzhou Quality Management Excellence Award "and other honorary titles.
The company always takes the customer as the center, improves the quality consciousness, and has accumulated a good reputation in the industry for many years. The products are widely used in China, and have been exported to Australia, Algeria, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Poland, Iran, Iraq, South Korea, Myanmar, Tajikistan, Africa, Congo, Peru, Chile, Equatorial Guinea and other countries and regions, participating in Many major projects have been completed, including Algeria project, Changji guquanshi 1100kv UHVDC transmission line project, 500kv Tianxing power transmission and transformation project, Wudongde project, ± 800kv Northwest Yunnan Guangdong DC project, etc.
At present, the company has a number of subsidiaries, forming a strategic layout with the metal component processing industry as the leading and other business coordinated development. Among them, the subsidiary Fengfan International Engineering Co., Ltd., based on years of experience in power transmission and transformation industry, expanded to EPC general contracting project. In July 2019, it won the bid for the intelligence investigation of the Strait Crossing EPC project, taking the most solid step in the international EPC general contracting project.
In the future, on the basis of continuing to expand and strengthen the main business, the company will give full play to the experience, technology and advantages of Listed Companies in the metal construction industry for many years, further extend to the up and down chain of the industry, continuously carry forward the "quality awareness", take "today is better than yesterday, tomorrow is better than today" as the beautiful vision, and make greater contributions to the power industry and economic and social development.

Chairman message
Chairman message
    At the start of spring, evenything takes on a new look, and we bid farewell to the splendid yesterday and welcome a hopeful new year. On behalf of the Board of Directors, | would like to give my best regards to all .the enterprising and hardworking employees! The past year was an arduous yet sucessul year in which we had wihslood various hardships and achieved increased annual sales and breakthrough on the internationalmarket. Your eforts have been indispensable to these achievements. Our company, a big family, has been sufcienty providing each employee with a stage. just as the saying goes, the sea's vastness alows the fish to leap,the sky's lftiness lets the birds fty. On this stage, the expertise and experience of other people are worth leaming from. On this stage, if one wants to gain a foohold, one is required to have good comprehensive capabil ties. high conscientousness and solid job-related shils.
    To atain the annual sales target and to develop on a higher level after company expansion wil depend on our continued concerted eforts. On the current steel tower market, the competition of quality, price, brand and materials are to be the four decisive factors in strengthening and enlarging our steel tower market.
    As the president, wilth full enthusiasm, I will lead our employees to work closely together by stting a role model myselt, striving to establish an environment of unity and integrity.
    I believe if all of us are of one mind and of good teamwork to create a warm. harmonious, united and helpful workin atmosphere, the future of Fengfan will be better and brighter.
  • 1992
    Changshu Steel Tower Co., Ltd. was established by the original shareholders under the leadership of General Manager, Fan Jiangang.
  • 1993
    Changshu Steel Tower Co, Ltd. was put into production and annual production of steel towers of that year was 8000 MT.
  • 1995
    In order to enlarge the business, CSTC set up the strategy of spreading business to the south and to the north of China. It took 6 months to make
    investigations and preparations.
  • 1996
    It ranked 36th in the Top 100 Companies List ssed by Changshu Municipal Govemment.
    With the implementation of the strategy, the tumover of that year amounted to 50 milion RMB and the factory got the order of communication towers forUS base in Okinawa in Japan.
  • 1997
    Got IS09001 certilicate. Since then, upon expiration, the company has been successuly passing the renewing accreditations.
    Owing to superior quality of the products supplied to Japan, CSTC got the order for communication towers in Nagano Winter Olympic Games. Since thenCSTC started to bring intemational market into is wision.
    Awarded Class A Credit Company by Jiangsu Surul Certifed Public Accountants Co, Ltd.
  • 2000
    Since that year, CSTC was sccssively entled as Class AAA Credit Company by Jiangsu Dongyu Intemational Consultancy and Evaluation Co, Ltd.
    CSTC started the construction of steel pole workshop, which was finished by the end of the next year.
  • 2002
    Awarded as the Excellent Company in the compettion of Three Gorges Power Transmission Project by Construction Company of theState Gnid of China.
    Awarded as the Excellent Company in the construction competition of Three Gorges Power Transmission Project by ConstructionCompany of the State Grid of China.
  • 2003
    Got the license to produce 500KV steel towers.
  • 2004
    Pipe towers production started this year amounted to 5000 MT
  • 2005
    Ranked among the Top 20 Private Companies by Changshu Municipal Govemment.
  • 2006
    The first cormpany in China to produce 1000KV power transmission steel towers and substation structures.
  • 2007
    Plant m was formally put into production by the end of that year.
  • 2008
    Honored as the Jiangsu Private Science & Technology Enterprise, Special Contribution Award for Science &Technology Development by Private Enterprises as well as Special Contribution Award for the fight against icedisaster and accidents in the South Gnid.
  • 2009
    The first insulated pole tower with China's independent ntellectual property started its trial operation.
  • 2010
    Became qualified supplier of CSG and got BS OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health Certificate
  • 2011
    uccesstully listed on the Shanghai stock market, stock code 601700. CS TC is awarded as "JiangsuHigh tech Enterprises Certificate" and "Jiangsu High tech SMEs Certificate'.
  • 2012
    Established "Changshu Fengfan Properties Ltd." and "Fengfan Green Buildings (Changshu) Co, Ltd."
  • 2013
    Awarded as "National Trustworthly Enterprise", and invented to establish "Jiangsu XiangyiAviation Technology L td." CSTC won the bidding of 25660 towers of 220Kv ST SEUCOMSA
  • 2014
    Awarded as 3A credit enterprise of China Eledricity Councir, Suzhou innovation pioneerenterprise" and invested "Menglan Xinghe Energy Co, Ltd and "Beijing EMCC
  • 2015
    Awarded as "Certificate for Contracting foreign construction projects", "Jiangsuenterprise technology center and "Jiangsu key research and developrmentinstitution' and established whally owned subsidiary "Jiangsu FenghuaEnergy Co,Lidr
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One platform
Fengfan shares regards the company as a platform for bringing personal wisdom and ability into full play, a platform for families to strive for a well-off life, and a platform for making contributions to the country.
Two Ultimate Benefits
The ultimate interest of reputation, the ultimate interest of economy
Three First
Safety First, Quality First, Honors and Benefits First
Four Management Philosophy
“Sincerity" is to seek truthfulness and sincerity. The company centers on the "Sincerity" in pursuing excellence, advocating the spirit of openness and equality, and paying respects to and encouraging the initiatives and innovation.
“Sincerity" is to seek truthfulness and sincerity. The company centers on the "Sincerity" in pursuing excellence, advocating the spirit of openness and equality, and paying respects to and encouraging the initiatives and innovation.
“Honesty" is to do business and to treat people in good faith. Honesty is the character of a person of integrity. The company is devoted to developing new products of high technological content, offering superior and sincere services to customers, and giving returm to the society while gaining benefits.
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