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Party Building
Standing on the top of the tower forever, the red gene will never change

 Clarify the relationship between the party committee, the board of directors, and the management, and form a working mechanism of "integration of unified and decentralized, cross-connected, coordinated constraints, and harmonious operation". Through the establishment of the party committee's participation in the administrative decision-making work mechanism, the party committee's functions of grasping the direction, controlling the overall situation, coordinating forces, and ensuring supervision have been fully brought into play to ensure that the party's line, policies, and superior instructions are implemented in the enterprise.

Deeply build the tower base, often accumulate steps to reach thousands of miles

The company’s party committee adheres to the work idea of “leading ahead, project management, throughout the year, and advancing hierarchically”, and in accordance with the principle of “project management and organizational advancement”, since 2012, it has adhered to “one party building project per year”, namely A large-scale party building theme practice activity is set up every year to oversee the company's party building tasks and objectives, and to effectively play the role of leading and carrier support for ideological and political work, forming a unique party building work model. Red memory

2012 "Four One Project" and "Five Goods" Party Organization
2013 "New Three Meetings and One Lesson"
2014 "Red Relay" event
2015 "Three Innovations and Three Strong" Growth Plan
In 2016, "Promoting the "Red Style" Construction Project, Promoting the Harmony of Party Building and Corporate Culture" project style plastic research to commemorate the 95th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China
In 2017, "Two Mentions and One-Go" Project "Three Meetings and One Lesson"
Densely woven network, build a vertical and horizontal bridge
"Group Construction" Activity

Strengthen the party building exchanges and friendships with other party organizations, mutual learning and mutual promotion activities, further stimulate their own vitality, jointly shape the corporate culture, seek industrial upgrading, promote the company's in-depth cooperation in production, operation, talents, and technology, and make every effort to build " Science and Technology Power".

"Caring for Employees" Program

Establish a love fund to help employees in difficulties solve their urgent needs. Establish family life status files and assistance systems for party members in difficulties, classified assistance, and regular visits. Be the "main backbone" and "caring person" of the masses, strengthen communication with party members, and stimulate the vitality of interaction between party organizations and party members;